Artificial Intelligence- “When Imagination is transformed to Science”  is the creator of advanced and effortless future. Many inventions have eased our work like supercomputers, smart devices, robots, voice machines, and sensing machines, which are built upon AI technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Getting connected with Artificial Intelligence

Which are these fields? Let’s find out here:

Security Guard

By endorsing machines with tools like laser scanning, 360-degree video, thermal imaging, and sensors covering all kind of signals, the job of a security guard can be replaced. Numerous self- driven wheeled robots are already taken in charge for security purpose in many countries. The reason for using robots, as an example of artificial intelligence, a security guard may be it is affordable, requires no health insurance, never demands hike in salary, and 24 hours working. Thus, there would be more protection day and night. 

Data entry operator

In future, you might see robots in the IT department of your company. Not a typical robot that we have been watching in movies, but, a software that can perform numerous digital tasks, automatically. In the Robotics Process Automation (RPA) marketplace, many software’s are developed that can perform many manual tasks including entering data too. Apparently, robots can perform any task five-times faster and ten times accurately than any normal IT professional can, without taking much time or getting tired. So, there are chances that this and many other jobs replaced by robots would satisfy your needs completely.

Bookkeeping clerks

Most of the bookkeeping automated if it is not then it would be in coming few years. The software like MS Office, QuickBooks, no hands accounting, and FreshBooks are offering facilities of bookkeeping, already. Besides, bots are also competent for accounting and tax reports also, as the throughput is accurate and there are fewer chances of fake reports. These are not just quick but affordable than paying a salary to a bookkeeper. So, there is no doubt about the high probability of replacement. 


This another masterpiece of AI, is a game changer. The replacement of receptionist with robots is not just impressing but timesaving as well. Imagine, you are entering a hotel, office or a museum, a dynamically built robot welcomes you and giving you the quick and accurate information about the place. How impressive, right? Well, this is something that a multilingual and intellect android is built for. So, there could be many fields in which artificial intelligence robots are replacing humans in future. 

Artificial Intelligence

Courier or delivery

Drones and robots have already replaced delivery boy. So, there is a high probability to see advancement in AI that will completely replace the job of delivery and courier person. The job of delivering stuff is cyclic, thus doesn’t require much decision-making processes. Many companies around the world are switching to self-driven robots that are powered by GPS and camera to make the work efficient. Besides, robots constructed for this job especially has a built-in remote tracking and security facilities.     

Workers of factory

The automatic machines are doing the humans work in factories for years. With the usage of bots, the workmanship has improved and the rate of manufacturing has increased. Various manufacturing processes rely on the robots as they are functioned to give a complete finishing by measuring other aspects of the product as well. Besides, these robots handle other business processes like data entry, data collection, and processing. Many manufacturing companies are replacing man force with robots, rapidly to gain more profit in less time.    


A robot driver could be a game changer in the automobile marketplace. The day is near when you will see a professional cab and taxi organizations using robots built upon AI technology, driving a car or other vehicles. Autonomous vehicle will soon be a certainty. The profit would be greater and such services would be inexpensive for sure. Moreover, Singapore is the first country to put up dozens of such vehicles on the road. In addition, many online cab organizations are testing these vehicles so that they can be used for normal taxi purpose. So, just wait how artificial intelligence robots are replacing humans to make life easy.

Advertising Salesperson

Advertising for something has many platforms. From TV to radios and from printing to internet & social media, all perform an essential role in spreading a word about a product. Many APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) available at online market space serves people to advertise a bulk of stuff through the internet. As a result, it has removed many salespersons. Moreover, now people rapidly use online applications like e-new paper, e-commerce, and social media apps, many others for multiple purposes. Thus, we all have found faster and easier way to make money and publicity through these technologies, so far. 


Telemarketing is the profession in which AI has the greatest possibility of replacing human quickly. The voices that you normally listen on your phone including that number busy voice, all are generated through voice bots. Due to multilingual ability and less prone to mistakes, robots are fully capable of handling every task in this field. The bulk of telemarketing roles are probable to be executed by robots, within the next couple of years. Furthermore, the result of wide computerization could involve in fewer calls to help lines, at least from a customer service viewpoint. The use of smart machines, totally monitored by sensors, would help with product upholding and purging of possible problems.

Various artificial intelligence robots are replacing humans and many robots are still to come to ease our work.




The main thing to look for is that how far the technology can go for the betterment of humans.

Limitations of AI

AI fundamentally, has no limits when compared to human knowledge. But practically there are many tasks that AI machines are unable to perform. Almost every Artificial intelligence device lacks in emotions, consciousness, no improvements with experience, and less creativity. Moreover, high cost could be the reason that many people are not capable of using this technology. But, we should not forget that humans have built Artificial Intelligence and it is made due to a reason. And, humans are not perfect in handling the things that these machines can handle. That’s why using these high intellect devices might be a good idea for your business and throughput of your services.    

Conclusion:  There are enormous machines that you might have no idea are built upon AI technologies. From virtual personal to video games, from smart cars to fraud detection, and from movie recommendation service to online customer support, all are Artificial Intelligent devices that we all are using for many years now.

Somewhere in the fast and quick developing environment, we have adapted the ease and robustness of many smart and self-driven machines. You can imagine how great would be the future if a machine or robot would be so intelligent enough to cure many untreatable diseases like AIDS, cancer, sugar, and many other dangerous diseases. Artificial Intelligence and humans are the compatibles that can make the world beautiful.