Social media is growing rapidly in the past few years. Almost all businesses have their own social media account to promote their products. Apparently, these businesses look up to some social media influencers in order to introduce their products for their potential customers. And this is actually a win-win solution for both the company and the influencer. Anyone has the power to cultivate a following; and us as the audience, we can obey their recommendations instantly. But how does the influencer start being an influencer? How do they create their first content until having a proper personal branding.

Disclaimer: Everyone has their own story, so do not compare! 😉

Let’s get started!💨


  • Don’t be afraid of sharing something

Today, it is really nice that we can share our voice, our opinion. We could always start to create content based on our experience, knowledge, passion/hobby, or even giving some tips and tricks. For example, you can start to share :

    • Vlog (video blog) about your travel journey
    • Cooking tutorial
    • Your experience and knowledge of making a startup business
    • A cover song (if your hobby is about music), etc

start create a content

  • Define your content type, main topic and target market 💥

In creating content, there are two types of the content itself; educating and entertaining. You can also have both of them. For example @degabriella, her content about teaching Korean language is from K-Drama and K-Pop cultures. So it is not only about education, but it can also be entertaining for most of her followers. Still, her main topic is about educating Korean language and Korean culture. 

Making a content is like making a business plan, you have to do trial and error too for knowing your audiences. Doing research will be your daily consumption, besides, you also have to be up to date for knowing the trend of your audience.

This part is really important to create your personal branding. Afterall, what do you want yourself to be called by your audience?

  • Enjoy the process ⚙️

There is nothing instant as well as being an influencer. All of the respondents told me that we couldn’t put a high expectation. They started making content only to share their knowledge, be informative, and do something that they love. So if we do something that we love, we will be happy to do it. The beginning is the hardest, but if there is no beginning, there is no result. We have to enjoy the process.

She started to share her content in 2018 just because she has liked Korean culture since she was in junior high school. First, she wanted to share her knowledge about Korean language. And by the time, she has known which content would bring more audience. She wants to be known as a Korean teacher (of course for her Indonesian audiences).

A message from her: “Don’t be tired to open your eyes to get new knowledge every time. Follow the trend, being up to date is really important, and create content that you like.”

From @rinaldi_ni ‘s story, he really wants to be heard because he came from a small city in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. He had nothing to show, nothing to be proud of. Then he started to join several organizations, won a scholarship from the government, and created his own community. Until one day, he started to have his voice and shared his social experience in order to encourage the youth generation, especially in his region to have a big dream. He wants to be known as a young influencer that has good self-development for his personal branding.

A message from him: “Be yourself, be original, and don’t be afraid to make a start.”

Keke who just started being a content creator in 2019 wants to tell us that being an influencer is just a bonus by having useful content. In the very beginning, she defined three main topics, and made 2 contents for each that she posted once a week. After having some feedback, she finally understands which content that her audience likes the most. But she continues anyway with her three topics in order to not have boring content. Once we have the trust from our audience, they always encourage us to continue to make some insightful content. She wants to be known as a productive and informative person.

A message from her: “Don’t do it for having a quantity of followers, but do it because you want to be heard, and do it because you like it and not obliged to do it. Know your target market and create your own value proposition.”

Last but not least, @andysenjaya has been actively creating content since last year by following his role model. His ambition was to know his role model in person, that’s the reason why he started to create some content. Again, to be heard and famous. And it worked, his hard work paid off and they know each other now. It wasn’t easy, he tried to make a different content in his sector by choosing to analyze the technical side of the trading process. For him, having the same color in our content is really important. He wants to be known as a trader and business analyst for his personal branding.

A message from him: “Be consistent! Because you are playing with algorithms, so if you don’t have a consistent content, they will not recognize you. You can at least post once a day for your feeds and 3 instastories (for Instagram), and once a week (for Youtube). Enjoy the process.”


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s inspire people by creating your first content! Who knows that you will be the next influencer, right? 😉

Want to have more tips about personal branding? Wait for my next blog! And see you soon. xo.



– @degabriella (on Instagram), full time content creator of @borassaem

Youtube 797K subscribers, TikTok 1,1M followers, Instagram 96,2K followers and 318K followers for her Korean account

– @rinaldi_ni (on Instagram), content creator and pharmacist

Instagram 225K followers and TikTok 782,2K followers

– @kekegeniouz (on Instagram), content creator and entrepreneur

Youtube 157K subscribers, TikTok 24,8K followers, Instagram 15,9K followers 

– @andysenjaya (on Instagram), content creator and business analyst

Instagram 106K followers and Youtube 110K subscribers